Some Hidden Features of ERP Software You May Not Know About

Some Hidden Features of ERP Software You May Not Know About

There are several features of ERP software that you might not be aware of. The pricing for these programs varies greatly, depending on the modules you need. The core functionality of an ERP solution is typically finance, inventory, and order management. You can also add modules as needed for a fee. But if you are looking for a comprehensive solution for your business, you should be aware that there are some hidden features of ERP that you may not know about.

Maintains detailed customer profiles and sales history:

For example, ERP software companies in Dubai maintains detailed customer profiles and sales history. These profiles help businesses understand customer preferences, which helps them make better recommendations and product marketing. Ultimately, this leads to repeat purchases and increased profitability. These are just a few of the benefits of using an ERP system. These hidden features of ERP software can make the implementation process easier and more cost-effective. However, it’s important to remember that a good implementation should be a long-term investment.

Offers advanced reporting capabilities:

Besides facilitating business operations, ERP software offers advanced reporting capabilities. Its advanced reporting capabilities go beyond basic PDF downloads and spreadsheets. Some even include smart filters and agile or ad-hoc reporting. These features enable you to manage complex reports through a user-friendly dashboard. The benefits of ERP software are well worth the initial costs. In addition to that, you’ll be able to save your business time and money, as well as improve the quality of your customer service.

Provide valuable information on your customers:

Another benefit of ERP software is that it can provide valuable information on your customers. This data helps you better forecast demand, create a budget and analyze HR functions. With the tools you have at your fingertips to track organizational productivity, ERP will help you track your business’s growth and increase your customer loyalty. The ability to analyze your data gives you an edge over your competitors. So what are you waiting for? Try ERP today!


There are some hidden features of ERP software that you may not know about. The most important feature of an ERP is its flexibility. If you need to manage different locations, the functionality of your system should allow you to track everything from location to inventory. This is the same for different types of data. The first category contains a few of the more popular features of an ERP. It’s possible to find a custom module that will suit your business and your budget. You can also choose an extension to your current application.

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