Highlights of MPOWER Cybersecurity 2019

Recently a security summit took place in which many cyber-security experts gathered at one place and discussed what needs to be done to improve the cybersecurity. The summit which was named “McAfee MPOWER summit” has many highlighting points that are discussed in-depth in this article.

The experts made strategies to enhance their knowledge about the ways through which one can sidestep cyber-attacks. There were many people who attended the summit to discuss the much-needed protection to one’s data ranging from device to cloud.

Here are the highlights from the MPOWER cybersecurity summit

  • Time should be used wisely- as we all know that “Time” is one of the most valuable resources among many others and this is the reason why MPOWER Cybersecurity focused primarily on the theme of “Time”. Since the threat multiplication rate is increasing with time, it is very important for people to learn to defend themselves against it even more. According to MPOWER Cybersecurity 2019 CEO Chris Young, time is constant and we cannot ignore it. Hence, one should utilize wisely and make every second count.
  • Announcing Unified Cloud Edge- in the summit, officials also discussed providing many features on a single MVISION ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) platform which is a part of McAfee.com/activate. It will include McAfee MVISION Cloud, McAfee Web Gateway, and McAfee Data Loss Prevention. It will allow the cyber-security experts to reduce risk whenever they make use of cloud services. They have done this to increase the productivity of the organizations. The CEO also announced the latest improvements to the MVISION portfolio.
  • Battle against new Ransomware- McAfee’s Advanced Threat Research team (ATR) found out during research that there is a new family of malicious software. This all-new Ransomware is known as “Sodinokibi”. The Ransomware is connected to one of the older ones which are known as “GandGrab”.
  • SIA Developer Conference- “Defend The Flag” game was also organized in which 65 participants took place. The winner was announced to win a special challenge coin. In this game, the participants have to defend an organization against a real-world threat. They used McAfee solutions from Mcafee.com/activate and other tools to prevent, defend detect,and fight against the threats.
  • Building defensive security culture- the speakers present in the summit actively reinforced the concept of creating a “culture of security”. The main idea behind this was to bring the interest of young ones in the field of cyber-security. They also spoke about opening up new policies to attract talented folks.


The book, titled “The Cybersecurity Playbook: How Every Leader Can Contribute to a Culture of Security” was one of the most influential highlighting features of the event. The book was published in September and its copy was given to everyone who attended the event.

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