“Every second counts” says McAfee Chief Executive Officer

“Time” was the highlighted keynote in the 2019 MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit and it is the most valuable asset shared by every human being on this earth. Hence, one should deal with time very carefully when it comes to our cybersecurity. Since cybercriminal activities are increasing at a faster pace, it is becoming very difficult for organizations to get rid of the cybercrime. In this scenario, time-management comes into action.

If such organizations cannot match the speed level of cybercrimes, then it would become difficult to fight back against it. But time-management can be improved to get rid of the adversaries. Organizations need to have deeper insights and visibility into any kind of risk. They need to understand which threat is more harmful and needs immediate attention and this can only be achieved by having McAfee activate via www.mcafee.com/activate on the affected devices.

Use improved data and understanding to tackle cybercrime

By using next-gen open architecture and better cybersecurity intelligence, organizations can become active without using upgraded resources. This architecture would help organizations as well as people to understand the latest trends in technology and security systems that they may use. Cyber-threat identification, investigation, and response capabilities if paired with human and artificial intelligence can give better results while dealing with cybercrime.

On the other hand, people should ask certain strategic questions to themselves. They should ask if they know the actual meaning of threat and what is the technology used behind it. Also, they should know if they are protected from the threat or not and how should they defend against a threat. Not only this, but one should keep on asking these questions to himself again and again to have zero-day threat protection.

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Tips to get ahead of next-generation threats

At mcafee.com/activate you will find a number of software to do away with threats. But there are certain things you can do on your own and these are listed below:

  • Using a machine-learning algorithm can help you to identify the potentially malicious activities going around you. Use it to trace the history and then find similarities so that a threat could be recognized easily.
  • If you identify suspicious activity, then you should immediately take action to fight with it.
  • When you find out that a particular threat is affecting a specific industrial sector, then you should check for its intensity level separately to have a deeper knowledge about a threat.
  • Prioritize the areas where you need to give more attention than others.


Gathering data about cybersecurity is not enough until you take your words into action. For this purpose, one must deploy McAfee activate products on to his device via mcafee.com/activate. You should strive hard to save as much time as possible and use it for doing something fruitful. Hence, it is clear that “every second count”.

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