How to download McAfee Total Protection 2020?

The all-new McAfee Total Protection 2020 is here to protect you not only from viruses, but also from iffy downloads, fake or malicious websites, and identity theft. In short, the antivirus program has been designed to offer award-winning digital security to you. MTP can be downloaded and installed on a PC, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

The process of downloading, installing, and activating this antivirus software on these devices is more or less the same. But, before you learn about the easiest steps to download McAfee Total Protection 2020, let’s check out what all plans it has:

  • Individual

This package ensures safe browsing and complete device protection. Suitable for a single device, you can buy its one year subscription for $34.99 (For the first year). Its features include

  • Multi-device

MTP 2020 multi-device renders protection for up to five devices. The cost of its one-year subscription is $39.99 (For the first year).

  • Household/Family

If you need to buy McAfee Total Protection for up to 10 devices, then choose this plan. To buy its one-year subscription, you will need to pay $44.99 (For the first year).

Steps to download McAfee Total Protection 2020

Once you purchase MTP from McAfee website, you can download it by following the instructions given below:

(Make sure your system meets the given requirements and has enough storage space on it. Moreover, it should not have any other antivirus installed. If there is an antivirus, uninstall it before you initiate downloading the MTP)

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your McAfee activation code
  3. Log in to your McAfee account
  4. Click Download

Once the download finishes, go to your browser’s download folder or Windows download folder.

  1. Open the downloaded file
  2. Click Run
  3. Do as instructed on the screen
  4. Click Install and wait for a few seconds

Once your MTP 2020 gets downloaded and installed successfully, double-click its icon. You will be asked to enter the 25-digit McAfee activation code. Enter the same, and click Activate. Your subscription is now activated, and your system is completely protected.

How to download McAfee Total Protection 2020 for free?

If you are new to McAfee and want to have an idea of MTP working, then you can first go with its trial version. Before you do so, please note that the free trial version has only limited security features. Moreover, it will remain active for 30-days from the date of activation. To download this version, follow the below-given steps:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click McAfee Total Protection 2020
  3. Scroll down, and you will see “Get your free trial now” button
  4. Click the same
  5. Let the download finish
  6. Now, run the file
  7. Follow the onscreen instructions
  8. Click Install

This will download and install a trial version of the software.

What’s new in McAfee Total Protection 2020?

With the latest McAfee Total Protection, you get the antivirus, cryptojacking protection, web browsing protection, password manager, parental controls, system optimization tools, anti-spam, file vault (encrypted storage), and VPN, if you choose the top package (household/family).

Features of McAfee Total Protection

  • Performance optimization
  • Home network security
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Safe web browsing
  • Encrypted storage
  • Identity theft protection
  • Safe family
  • McAfee Shredder

For further information, reach out to the McAfee customer support team.

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